In 2013, the 400th anniversary of André le Nôtre was celebrated. The "Creation Night 2013" event on October 4 lasted five hours. From nightfall to midnight the next day. Glittering Trees (2013) was installed in the courtyard of the School of Fine Arts in Versailles. The visitors got walked around unreal trees playing with their shadows. These trees suspended in the air sway in the sandstone of the wind, sparkle with the raindrops and their shadows are reflected like drawings. This unreal garden lets the light pass by penetrating it, we can see the background. At a glance, we can see it clearly, on the other hand he is hiding. The original idea was the realization trees with branches more like real topiaries. Instead of finalize the branches of the trees that represent nature, leaving a branch, I replaced the rest with characters, abstract things, which were inside each cone. These forms signify the energy of elements of the universe.


metal wire mesh

Versailles, France